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Astrophysics Francesca Faedi on her works on exoplanets and her interview to Professor Didier Queloz

We are glad to share with you a video interview to the Nobel Prize for Physics 2019 Prof. Didier Queloz.
The interview was realized by Dr. Francesca Faedi, a member of WIA Europe Rome Local Group.

Francesca Faedi is a researcher in astrophysics working mostly on exoplanets and from this year she is a member of WIA Europe Rome Local Group. Attracted by the initiatives carried out by the group and with a keenĀ Ā  interest in meeting with experts in the space sector she aims at broadening her horizons.

Francesca has always been passionately dedicated to science dissemination activities and is pleased to share with WIA-E members the interview with the Nobel Prize for Physics 2019, Professor Didier Queloz, conducted on January 30, 2020. The interview was conceived from the idea of a project that was FOR the students and WITH the students, involving them directly and making them aware of the importance of science to achieve the UN sustainable development goals and the 2030 agenda. Science creates bridges and connections for the future of our students.

Particular attention was paid to SDG 5 (gender equality) because young female students have to overcome social, professional and family prejudices to emerge in the STEM fields. Didier recalls during the interview how important gender equality is in science and how to reach gender equality is essential to face future challenges.

For those interested in the video, it is available at the following linkĀ https://youtu.be/ZyLR1jTXcYo
Enjoy the vision and we will shortly inform you about an upcoming event with our member Francesca Faedi.

About Francesca Faedi

Francesca Faedi works on the WASP and NGTS projects in the UK and has coordinated the entire observational campaign for high S/N photometry and high resolution spectroscopy for the WASP project. Francesca has over 300 nights of telescope observation as Principal Investigator and co-investigator and collaborates internationally on the use of Kepler/K2, TESS and PLATO data for planet discoveries.

She has participated in the discovery and publication of over 60 exoplanets and is a referee for Nature, Science and other scientific journals.Ā  She has 28 publications with Prof. Didier Queloz, Nobel Prize in Physics 2019, and is one of the few specialists in the world of planetary transits around white dwarfs.

She was recognized by President Mattarella with the title of Cav. Ordine al Merito of the Italian Republic in December 2019, winner of the 2019 Valle D’Aosta International Woman of the Year Award and member of the Board of Directors of the Occhialini Foundation.

Mother of two children, Joshua and Zac, believes that science without dissemination remains sterile and for this reason she continues undaunted her outreach activity for scientific dissemination and is actively engaged on the theme women/STEM/ gender bias.

In the aerospace sector she collaborates on a project of contamination between science and business.

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