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WIA-Europe White Paper Panel: Skills Gap In The Aerospace Sector

Join us in the discussion of the new WIA-E White Paper on the skills gap in the aerospace sector.

A European company survey in 2013 showed that around 40% of EU-based companies in the aerospace sector are experiencing difficulties in hiring candidates with the right skills. With a high percentage of aerospace experts close to retirement age, and an exponential growth forecasted for the global space economy over the next 20 years, how strong is the support to the next generations of experts and leaders in this sector?

In the panel, WIA-Europe will introduce the new White Paper¬†“Skills Gap in the Aerospace Sector”. The paper identifies the main issues, offers recommendations to address them effectively by different actors, and highlights the commitment of WIA-Europe to bridge this gap.

Additional expertise on the topic will be provided by invited panellists:

  • Jason Maroothynaden, Director HE Space Operations
  • Claudia Kessler, Astronautin GmbH
  • Ros Azouzi, Head of Skills & Careers, Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)
  • Paola Belingheri, WIA-Europe Director of Research

We invite you to join us with your questions & comments.

This WIA-Europe event is open to public. Register here now.

The published White Papers will be available to all WIA-Europe members.

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