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WIA-Europe White Paper Panel: STEM Education in Europe

Join us in the discussion of the new WIA-E White Paper on STEM Education in Europe.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) comprises the main areas of study on which scientific and technological industries, including the aerospace sector, lay their foundations. From a very early age, a huge amount of STEM potential is being lost, which leads to slower scientific and technological progress in the industry.

How can the industry tackle a very low uptake of STEM studies throughout the whole education process, especially when it comes to girls?

In this event, WIA-E will present a new White Paper, in which a brief analysis on STEM across Europe is presented, supported by case studies and accompanied by current state-of-the-art research. A concise identification of the main issues, transverse across European countries, and recommendations to address them effectively by the different actors involved are provided.

Additional expertise on the topic will be provided by invited panellists:

  • Lorena JimĂ©nez, PhD Student of Translational neuroscience, University of Edinburgh
  • Nora Luetzgendorf, LISA Study Scientist / JWST Instrument Scientist
  • Lynn Nickerson, STEM Coordinator and science teacher at Didcot Girls’ School
  • Irma RodrĂ­guez PĂ©rez, Head of the GNSS Algorithms, Products and Services Division, GNSS Business Unit of GMV

We invite you to join us with your questions & comments.

This WIA-Europe event is open to public. Register here now.

The published White Papers will be available to all WIA-Europe members.

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