White Paper: Skills Gap in the Aerospace Sector

Skills Gap in the Aerospace Sector

This working group started:

  • On the one hand: to help the hiring organizations in the aerospace sector, especially our corporate members, in finding solutions to the talent shortage in the aerospace industry, by sharing relevant skills information with our corporate and Partner Universities.
  • On the other hand, inform our individual members about the kind of skills that are demanded in the sector, so that they have more chances in the recruitment processes.

The importance of this topic has increased in the past year due to:

  • One: An expanding and rapidly diversifying sector demanding an increasing number of skilled employees.
  • Two: The uneven distribution of the aerospace industry and skills across Europe.
  • Three: Rapidly changing technology, supported by digitalization and artificial intelligence.
  • Four: The retirement wave of the expert workforce in the near future.
  • Five: Difficulty to attract talent to the sector, sometimes motivated by aspects like salary, working conditions or interests.

In the frame of this working group we have developed a white paper in which existing studies have been analyzed and the research additionally supported by a poll and a set of interviews with relevant companies of the industry. The white paper also contains a set of recommendations and shows the commitment of WIA-E to bridge this gap.

This white paper is the first milestone of our group and it will be presented on 5th of October during the World Space Week. This event will be a great chance to talk about skills gap: Why we are facing this problem, how it is affecting the industry, how the skills gap is distributed across Europe and what actions we could take as companies, universities, organizations and individuals to bridge this gap.

White Paper "Skills Gap in the Aerospace Industry" will be available soon to all members of Women In Aerospace Europe.

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Inés Sánchez Barbero / Kathie Bowden / Anna Chrobry / Coraline Dalibot / Maria Pia Di Donato / Christie Maddock / Smiti Maini / Sahana Shastry / Shima Suresh / Susanne Svensdotter



  • Thursday, 05 October 2021, 13:00 - 14:00 CEST


  • Jason Maroothynaden
    Director HE Space Operations
  • Claudia Kessler
    Astronautin GmbH
  • Ros Azouzi
    Head of Skills & Careers, Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)
  • Paola Belingheri
    WIA-Europe Director of Research

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