White Paper: Women in the C-Suite

Women in the C-suite

Given the exponential growth forecasted in the space industry driven by the expansion in satellite constellations, small satellites start-ups, moon exploration, space mining [etc.], our WIA working group was curious to know why there were still so few women sitting in the C-Suite in the European Space sector.

The underrepresentation of women at senior levels has been a topic of work in HR departments for the past 20 years. We wanted to know what is really happening and what is standing in the way of greater progress, like the impact of the “leaky pipeline” and the persistent biases that slow progress down and consume so much of our energy.
To move forward, we agreed that the best strategy was a systemic approach at all levels.
Based on insights gained from latest research and interviews with top leaders, we explore how governments can contribute to accelerating this progress. We also discuss six strategies for organisations that want to develop and retain their top female talent, and we share seven ways that women can set themselves up for success as they rise up the ranks.

White Paper "Increasing The Number Of Women in C-Suite Roles" will be available soon to all members of Women In Aerospace Europe.

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Silvia Bianchi / Anne-Laure Bonnier / Véronique Glaude / Gabriella Goddard / Shima Suresh



  • Wed, 6 October 2021, 16:00 CEST


  • Pascale Ehrenfreund
  • Annamaria Nassissi

Working Group 1: STEM Education

How to get young children - especially young girls - and teenagers interested in aerospace (STEM)? This working group will create a set of activities / actions based on existing research and experience.

Working Group 2: Skills Gap in the Aerospace Sector

Together with our corporate representatives, this group will create an overview of the capacities, profiles, and experiences that are currently needed in the aerospace field, alongside recommendations on how to support professional development regarding these skill gaps.