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Mind The Skills Gap: Uncovering Industry Skills

Join us 15 – 17 May 2023 for a series of online events that will shed the light on future-proof skills in the aerospace industry. Whether you’re an HR professional, a job seeker, an aerospace enthusiast, a STEM teacher, or simply interested in Learning & Development, our symposium offers valuable insights and practical strategies to help you succeed in today’s ever-changing job market.


The event programme includes:


Nurturing Diverse Talent: 10 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong

Monday, 15 May, 13 -14 CET

Competing for the best talent in Europe, companies have to go the extra mile. Which important points are not to be missed? With Lucia Klestincova>>


A career at the European Space Agency! – All you want to know in a live Q&A with Lucy van der Tas, Head of ESA Talent Acquisition

Monday, 15 May, 19-20 CET

Join Lucy van der Tas >>, Head of Talent Acquisition at the European Space Agency, to find out how you can launch your career with ESA. This session will give you exclusive insights on the recruitment process and time for your own questions!


Skills Summit 2023: Exploring the Future of Aerospace

Tuesday, 16 May, 13-14 CET

During this panel session, you will get a well-rounded overview of current research, initiatives and remaining road blocks in regards to growing and future-proofing of the European talent pool. The discussion will be interesting for graduates entering the sector and established professionals thinking about a career change; HR experts and individual job seekers; educators shaping the curriculum at schools and universities; as well as everyone else who is interested in the future of Learning & Development. The panel will conclude with a Q&A.

Panelists will include:


Workshop: If you think you’re not burning out, she is. Now what?

Wednesday, 17 May, 09-10 CET

In the post-pandemic Era of Great Resignation, none of us is immune to burnout triggers. Did you know that failing diversity and inclusion policies are one of them? And that your female colleagues are more endangered, even if (or better said, because) they act as superwomen? Join the morning session with Lucia Klestincova>>, WIA-Europe expert specialised in feminine leadership and burnout prevention for individuals, teams and organisations.


PADAWANS: STEM Outreach at Schools

Wednesday, 17 May, 13-14 CET

Women In Aerospace-Europe dedicates this session to the younger generations and wants to invite educators, parents and individuals to an insightful session with SGAC’s PADAWANS >> project, winner of the 2022 WIA-Europe Outreach Award: ESA x Barbie Bursary >>. Find out which activities can inspire children to follow a career in STEM!
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