Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

Austria Regional Network was founded in 2023.

Supporting young talents in their career, working on increasing the visibility of women in space, working for equality in our sector – networking events (monthly brunches, digital events with other groups, etc.), career fostering events (visiting stakeholders, skill sharing etc).

Activities include: monthly brunches, partly hosted by industry partners, Stakeholder facility tours, Inspiration Day, Science Academy, Online Networking Events with international groups, Teambuilding Daytrips (e.g. Danube Boat Tour through Wachau region)

Regional Network  Leader: Judith Delany and Marianne Rƶchling

Committee Members: Juliane Neuhuber, Sara Dalledonne, Haifa Almofareh and Sundas Syed

Collaborations and Partnerships: ESPI, Gate Space, Perihelion and Impressive Company

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