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The use of space science and technology can be of benefit in various areas, reaching well beyond the aerospace sector, such as as aviation, maritime and land transportation, urbanization, mapping and surveying, human health, disaster management, food security and sustainable agriculture, environmental monitoring and natural resources management.

An important task remains supporting and increasing access to space data, knowledge and services for local authorities and public users across European regions. This implies taking into account the local specificities, local culture, need for coaching and training for public authorities.

In the WIA-Europe #FindYourSpace campaign female professionals share their insights into the current challenges, their daily tasks and contribution, as well as regional success stories.


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‚áí GeoBretagne: A Space based solution in Brittany




About Copernicus4Regions

As Europe‚Äôs flagship space programmes, Copernicus and EGNOS/Galileo, have entered the stage of operability, they provide data and signals which can be transformed into useful information for Regions across Europe. Although ‚Äúdata is the new gold‚ÄĚ, the reality is, however, that translating data into useful information to be used by citizens, companies and administrations, is still a great challenge. Much needs to be done to facilitate data access, management and processing to overcome policy barriers, governance difficulties, technical issues as well as a lack of skills and awareness.

The Copernicus4Regions is a NEREUS initiative that explores how other regions in Europe have managed to tackle common challenges. The initiative compiles regional user stories and best practices that showcase effective approaches and the benefits of the Copernicus programme. The collected knowledge and information aims to make European citizens aware of the wide range of space applications already available, and encourage more regions to be involved in the Copernicus ecosystem.

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About NEREUS /WIA-Europe Non-profit corporate member/

NEREUS represents the interests of European regions that use space technologies whilst simultaneously highlighting the regional dimension of European space policy and programmes. It is the key mission of NEREUS to explore the benefits of space technologies for European Regions and their citizens as well as to promote the use of space and its applications.

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