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Grant Winners

WIA-E Grants & Awards Winners announced

We are pleased to announce the winners of WIA-Europe Grants and Awards 2021. With the support of our new partner Fondazione Amaldi, the Awards and Grants will be presented to the winners during the New Space Economy Symposium in Rome in December 2022. WIA-E GRANT WINNERS Within the Grants & Awards programme, WIA-Europe provides Grants […]

WIA-E Grants & Awards Winners announced

2020 Grants programme postponed due to COVID-19 situation

Please note that the evolving COVID-19 situation has led to the cancellation of almost all physical meetings and conferences planned for 2020. Therefore the purpose of our Grants programme, which is intended to cover travel costs to participate to a conference, can not be satisfied this year. Despite the enthusiasm of our candidates and our

2020 Grants programme postponed due to COVID-19 situation Read More Ā»

Sara Khan – 2019 Winner

Ms Khan is first author of the paper ā€œLeveraging Additive Manufacturing to Enable Deep Space Crewed Missionsā€. Her paper has been accepted for oral presentation at the upcoming International Astronautical Congress (IAC) Conference in Washington DC. At the same Congress, she will also present another paper that she has co-authored on “Single Bubble Sonoluminescence Microgravity

Sara Khan – 2019 Winner

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