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Awards & Grants

Maria Antonietta Perino

Director of International Relations Maria Antonietta obtained a degree in Nuclear Engineering from Politecnico di Torino. In 1988, she attended the first Summer Session of the International Space University (M.I.T., Boston, USA) and subsequently joined as a faculty member. She is currently a member of the Academic Council. Since 1986, she has served as the

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Vasilis Zervos

Vasilis Zervos

Vasilis Zervos (DPhil) was born in Greece in 1970 and has held positions in academia in the areas of Economics and Business at the University of York from 1996 to 1999 and Nottingham University Business School from 1999 to 2007. He currently leads the ‘Business and Management’ & ‘Policy Economics and Law’ areas of the

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Helia Sharif – 2017 Winner

Helia Sharif holds a B. A. Sc. in Systems Engineering from Simon Fraser University and a M. A. Sc. in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University in Canada. Additionally, she has completed the Space Studies Program at the International Space University in Austria. Her passion for space and robotics has lead her to pursue a number

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Rita Neves – 2017 Winner

Rita Neves is a PhD student in Aerospace Engineering at Cranfield University, in the UK. She is a member of WIA Europe, and used her grant to present her research at the International Astronautical Conference (IAC): ‘Asteroid Capture Missions for Unattainable Targets using Earth-Resonant Encounters‘.

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WIA-E 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award for Claudie Haigneré

Claudie HaignerĂ© has been selected for her outstanding contribution in the field of space exploration, in increasing visibility of women in the space sector and in engaging young girls in science and technology. In 2001, Claudie became the first European woman to visit the International Space Station, as part of the ”AndromĂšde” mission. She played

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Olympia Kyriopoulos – 2017 Winner

Olympia Kyriopoulo is a multicultural citizen of the world with an innate passion for space. Mechanical Engineering studies at Technische UniversitÀt Darmstadt and University of California, Berkeley with PhD in Fluid Physics Microgravity Research. Highly motivated and goal-oriented professional, 10+ years of experience in Project Management, Business Development, Commercial Sales, and Leadership for various international

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WIA-E 2016 Outstanding Achievement Award for Candace Johnson

Lifetime Achievement Award of Women in Aerospace (Europe) 2016 for Candace Johnson, co-initiator of SES ASTRA and Architect of SES Global  Press Release Brussels, 30 March 2016  In the presence of the top representatives of European space industry and institutions, among them ESA Director General Jan Wörner, Chairwomen of DLR Pascale Ehrenfreund and President of

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