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#LetsTalkEquity IGTV video series created by the WIA-E Rome #GenderEquality Research Group

The Rome Local Group of Women in Aerospace-Europe (WIA-E Rome LG) is happy to present the IGTV video series promoted by the #GenderEquality Research Group for 2021!

‚ÄúAchieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys. It is everyone‚Äôs responsibility‚ÄĚ – Ban Ki-moon

The #LetsTalkEquity initiative aims to increase the awareness about gender inequality in the aerospace sector for any gender, with a particular focus on the Italian situation, by providing the outcome of the research carried on by the research group since 2018 and presented at #IAC2018 and #IAC2020. The “Gender Inequality Perception‚ÄĚ Survey, part of the research activity, represents the Pilot project for WIA-E. For further information on the WIA-E Rome #GenderEquality Research Group activity, refer to the articles Spotlight research: WIA-E Rome on gender equality and¬†Gender Inequality Perception: Survey in Italy and Japan.

If you want to have a look at all the WIA-E Rome LetsTalkEquity episodes (released every fourth Thursday of the month) Follow WIA-E Rome on Instagram and check out:

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