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WIA-Europe Week: STEM Education


In recent decades, institutions and governments have recognised a persistent, very low uptake of STEM studies throughout the whole education process, especially in the case of girls. Many targeted campaigns have taken place but the situation has not significantly changed. From a very early age, a significant amount of STEM potential is being lost which has many negative consequences.

The >>WIA-Europe’s STEM Education working group will be represented by its coordinator >>Sabrina Alam (SES Satellites), who will outline the common and some distinctive issues faced by European countries with recommendations and case studies whilst showcasing their implementation plan.

In this lunch-time event, we are also excited to present the Winner of the >>WIA-Europe Outreach Award: ESA x Barbie Bursary. Clara Moriceau will join us to introduce the winning outreach project with WIA-Europe president Luisella Giulicchi presenting her with the award.

We invite our audience to a lively discussion on the current education landscape in Europe. Please sign up and get involved!


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